Far Cry 6 McKay Choice | Kill or Spare Difference

Sean McKay is one of Antón Castillo’s more wealthy followers in Far Cry 6. The Canadian businessman deals in importing, and his billionaire status makes him one of the essential secondary antagonists in the game. As you continue to progress through the story, Dani Rojas will eventually come face-to-face with him. Then you’ll have to make a decision to either kill or spare McKay. The choices are fairly straightforward, and we have notes on both of them below.

Should You Kill or Spare McKay in Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 Sean McKay Kill or Spare

We recommend that you kill Sean McKay as opposed to letting him live because you’ll get a unique wrist item once he’s dead. This rare item, called “Canadians, What?”, allows you to acquire pesos from fallen enemies as long as they’re killed with poison. You won’t get insane amounts of pesos, but you can collectively scoop them up during or after combat. In addition to the wrist item reward, nothing in the story will alter after you kill McKay. The only change that will occur is a slight dialogue switch-up with Yelena.

On the other hand, if you choose to spare McKay, you will receive 5,000 pesos from him after you leave the premises of his ship. You can choose to stick around and watch some interaction unfold between Dani and the cigar-smoking businessman. After some mild berating, McKay will then engage in a radio call with one of his partners. This will go on for a moment or two before McKay returns his attention to you.

He proceeds to make a few comments before the dialogue comes to an end. You may then leave the area to return to your people, who will be awaiting your arrival. Lucky Mama will make a speech that jumpstarts the unity of Libertad and La Moral & The Legends. Again, nothing in the story will change whether you kill him or not.

It might be tempting at first to spare McKay after he gets off the phone with Juan. Not only does Juan ask you to not kill him, but you get an incredible payout in exchange for McKay’s freedom. And once he’s out of the picture, he’s gone. He will no longer be important to Dani or Yara. The revolution will continue as if nothing happened in regards to Sean McKay.

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