Far Cry 6 MG42 Location | Where to Find

The MG42 can cause some serious damage to the Yaran soldiers in Far Cry 6. This light machine gun has appeared in the Far Cry series before, and now it’s back to rain hellfire on the enemy. Like most special weapons in the game, you’ll need to complete a certain mission or objective. This is no different for the MG42, which won’t require much exploring if you’re looking to get it as soon as possible. Keep reading on to see where you can find the MG42 light machine gun.

Where to Find the MG42 in Far Cry 6

Where to Find the MG42 in Far Cry 6

To unlock the Rank 4 MG42, players must complete the “Sweet Fifteen” treasure hunt. Completing the treasure hunt will reward both the weapon and a new horse. To find the MG42, look at your map and navigate over to Nueva Vida in Sierra Perdida. The note for the treasure hunt will be outside of the Torres Warehouse.

As for the rest, that’s easy. A quinceañera has been canceled, with the birthday girl leaving behind her gift in protest of her parents being taken by soldiers. Complete the quest, and the present is yours. Once obtained, you can look at the gun’s stats to see its high rate of fire at 1,176 RPM while holding 100 rounds in a single magazine. It comes with three primary attachments and three additional mods.

Sweet Fifteen walkthrough

Enter the warehouse to see party decorations hung up. On the main stage is a note detailing the four switches that must be turned on. Across the stage that faces the area will be a stairway going up. You’ll need to avoid the water and electrical lines on the ground; a few shocks could kill Dani. Turn off the lines with the button at the end of the bundle. This will help give you access to the switch adjacent to it, which you must flip. Once you do, head back to the stage. You’ll see a stack of wooden crates that lead up to a vantage point. Climb these crates then jump across to the platform that’s part of the stairway you were at. Shoot the locks off the door from that stairway to proceed to the next step.

On the same platform, turn around to see a catwalk that you will jump onto. To the right, you’ll see a gated area that contains another switch for you to flip. Activate that one, then go back onto the catwalk. To your right, you’ll see a lit opening with a ladder to lead you to the next switch. Once you climb down to interact with this switch, climb back up to exit the area. When you’re back on the catwalk, jump down to finally walk over to the stairway we worked on earlier.

Far Cry 6 El Unicornio Award with MG42

The stairway will have the door with the locks that were shot off. Go through the door and start making your way through the new area to eventually stumble upon an office with another switch. Go ahead and flip that before returning to the main area. On the stage where we found the note for the switches will be the main light switch. Interact with this to commence the party’s celebration with bubbles and sparks. As the bright sweet 15 number breaks mid-descent, a door will open at the end of the area. Inside will be the party girl’s gift: a unicorn. And, magically, enough, the MG42 will suddenly appear in your inventory.

You don’t need to ride away with El Unicornio in order to acquire the MG42, but it doesn’t hurt to do it. When was the last time you rode a unicorn during a revolution? If you needed a new horse, looks like El Unicornio is the answer to your call.

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