Far Cry 6 One Ping Only Rifle | How to Unlock

Far Cry 6 features a multitude of splendid weapons that can be of great use in your war for Yara. There’s no shortage of what you can carry, including the ones made from parts and junk. But when it comes to hunting down the unique weapons in the game, you’ll need determination if you want to collect the best of the best. For this guide, we’ll be finding the One Ping Only — a unique rifle that can be a guerilla’s best friend. If you need this rifle in your inventory, then keep reading onward to see how you can unlock it.

How to Unlock One Ping Only Rifle in Far Cry 6

How to Unlock One Ping Only Rifle in Far Cry 6

To unlock the One Ping Only rifle in Far Cry 6, you’ll need to complete the “The Lion’s Den” operation. During this mission, you need to infiltrate Antón Castillo’s private mansion to rescue Clara. Enemies will be patrolling the area, but there will eventually come a time where an important cutscene will play. Avoiding any spoilers here, you need to wipe out Castillo’s forces before you meet up with Juan to conclude the mission. More story content will unfold before the mission officially is completed, but don’t fret. You’ll get the One Ping Only rifle once you meet up with Juan in Castillo’s courtyard.

Once in your inventory, you’ll notice a few new items, namely the Revolutionary gear set. But along with the new outfit, you’ll also find the rank 3 One Ping Only rifle. The One Ping Only is strapped with perfect velocity stats, and the built-in suppressor makes it perfect for stealth situations. However, keep in mind that this rifle is a unique weapon, so you can’t make any improvements to it at the workbench.

Completing “The Lion’s Den” operation only requires story progression that’ll lead the player to the game’s final mission. There’s no random chest where the One Ping Only will pop up, so you’ll only need to play through the campaign to obtain the rifle. As it so happens, this mission is also where you can unlock the P226 pistol.