Far Cry 6 P226 Location | Where to Find

Far Cry 6 features a multitude of unique and crafty weapons that collecting them all can be a fun game in itself. Dazzling rocket launchers, makeshift resolvers, fashionable supremos, there’s no shortage as to what you can cause chaos with. But the P226 pistol is one weapon that some can’t seem to find through their travels in Yara. To find the pistol, one must play the game, but it’s more simplistic than that. Come see what we mean in our guide to finding the P226 pistol in Far Cry 6.

Where to Find the P226 in Far Cry 6

Where to Find the P226 in Far Cry 6

In order to acquire the P226 pistol, you must play through the campaign until you reach the second to last mission “The Lion’s Den.” Unfortunately, the pistol cannot be obtained through your camp or Juan or by any NPC you encounter. Once you complete the mission, the P226 will be rewarded to you. The pistol offers four attachment mods with three additional mod slots; it also succeeds in high velocity and handling stats while maintaining a 410 RPM rate of fire.

“The Lion’s Den” sees a distressed Juan cursing aloud in regards to the capture of Clara. He tells you that we are to invade Castillo’s private island. Upon reaching the island, Dani discovers that Clara is inside Castillo’s mansion. You’ll have to proceed with the mission from this point forward on your own. To avoid heavy spoilers, you’ll essentially wipe out Castillo’s forces until the cutscenes begin to play. Once they conclude, you’ll complete the mission and receive a full Revolutionary gear set along with the P226 pistol.

Aside from all the potential pistols you pick up, the P226 won’t require any exploration. In other words, if you’re jumping into enemy territory with the hope of finding one, save yourself the time and effort. There are several other unique and standard pistols that you can muster up from your battles and discoveries. You can even get lucky with a random crate that’ll reward you with something special for your arsenal.

For those to keep in mind, the Desert Eagle, Lethal Dose, MARK VI, and the M9 are a few pistols that you can obtain way before commencing the final mission. If you really need to include the P226 in your inventory, then you best get off to working some hours into Yara’s revolution.