Far Cry 6 Rocket Launchers | How to Unlock

Without a doubt, equipping yourself with a rocket launcher in Far Cry 6 can be hugely advantageous in action. Not only can it bring down multiple enemies at once, but its power is strong enough to wipe out vehicles as well. While you can obtain a rocket launcher early on in the game, there are also a few unique ones that you can find and unlock. We’ve gathered all the unique rocket launchers into this guide, so keep reading to see how you can unlock them all.

How to Unlock All Rocket Launchers in Far Cry 6

How to Unlock All Rocket Launchers in Far Cry 6

The most basic rocket launcher you can unlock in Far Cry 6 is the RPG-7. You can easily get one of these by building the Guerilla Garrison at your camp. Select the Enhanced option once you construct the base structure. The Enhanced Guerilla Garrison will provide you with advanced weapons, but you’ll need 140 Metal and 140 Gasolina in order to build it. These materials can be found throughout Yara. When you upgrade your Guerilla Garrison, visit the vendor to access his inventory. There, you’ll find the RPG-7 under the Advanced Weapons section for 550 Yaran Pesos.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking this is the only rocket launcher in Far Cry 6. As it turns out, the game has several extra rocket-propelled grenade launchers to unlock, some even unique. The catch is that you know to know where to look.

RAT4 Rocket Launcher

The RAT4 is a rank 4 rocket launcher that can be found under the Specialist Weapons category at your Guerilla Garrison. This hefty guided-beast runs for 1,750 Yaran Pesos. What’s incredibly useful with this rocket launcher is that it can lock onto the big guys on the battlefield. So, if you don’t feel like eyeballing your shots, spend your hard-earned Pesos on the RAT4.

La Guaracha

Far Cry 6 Unique Rocket Launcher

This special rocket launcher is located in the town of Segunda within Cruz Del Salvador. Civilians will be out and about, so youshould put away your weapons to avoid trouble from Antón Castillo’s forces. Find a stage where music will be playing. Find the chest below a picture of the Castillo, and there you will unlock La Guaracha. It provides the same firepower as the RPG-7, but it has more of an exotic feel to it; something that feels appropriate for the war for Yara.

Into Orbit

To obtain the Into Orbit launcher, you’ll need to complete the treasure hunt mission “Liquid Courage.” This mission can be commenced by traveling to Del Toro Port in Noventarmas. Find the scribbled note inside the Star Rocket Brewery. It will detail the necessity to find the previous owner of the establishment and grab his loot.

The objective here is to turn off the gas valves in the main brewery room. There will be four of them that must be turned off, with the final one remaining on the primary tank. Turning off the final valve will trigger an explosion, which will make Dani a little intoxicated from the exposed alcohol. However, a ceiling has been blown open. Climb upwards to discover a webbed-up ventilation shaft. As you would figure, make your way into the vent.

You’ll eventually jump down to the previous owner’s hideout. As it turns out, the owner is dead, leaving all of his belongings behind to collect dust. To the right of his corpse, you’ll find his chest that’ll contain the Into Orbit rocket launcher.

Pyrotechno Resolver Weapon

While the Pyrotechno isn’t classified as a rocket launcher, it can still be seen and used as one. It can be brought from Juan for 100 Depleted Uranium, and it’s well worth the purchase. It basically fires an array of explosive fireworks that can get you out of a tight spot. The pretty violent sparks can kill several enemies at once, so consider including the Pyrotechno in your inventory.

Keep in mind that unique weapons cannot be upgraded but you can attach mods to them. With Castillo’s forces potentially coming in full force when it comes to fighting, having the best weapons can help bring the revolution to an end. It always helps to have some big guns at your side.

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