Far Cry 6 Romance | Can You Enter Relationships?

Many open world games have romance options, and Far Cry has had its share of steamy scenes in the past. Now that Far Cry 6 is upon us, many players are wondering if there is a possibility for romantic relationships in the game. Read on to get the real deal with romance in Far Cry 6!

Does Far Cry 6 Have Romance Options?

Does Far Cry 6 Have Romance Options?

There are no romance options in Far Cry 6. You cannot enter into romantic relationships with any characters, regardless of which gender you choose for Dani. Any relationships you build in the game exist only in the context of trust between comrades in an unstable nation.

In Far Cry 6, you can play as either a male or female version of Dani Rojas, an orphan-turned-revolutionary who helps to free the fictional country of Yara from the tyrannical grasp of Anton Castillo. Many characters in the game are wary of you at first. You will have to complete missions and assist the revolutionaries throughout the island nation. As you gain trust and complete missions, the characters in the game will warm up to you. Let’s face it though, you’re here to find out if you can romance any of the characters.

Unfortunately, that is a resounding no. That’s not to say it makes Far Cry 6‘s story and characters any less interesting, of course; quite the opposite. The characters in this game each have very distinct and relatable personalities. Even though you may not be able to form any kind of romantic bond with someone, you have plenty of Amigos in the game that will fight alongside you, and gain many useful abilities the more they fight with you. They may not be the romantic options you were hoping for, but there is still plenty of relationship-building to do in Far Cry 6.

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