Far Cry 6 Secret Ending | How to Get

Igniting the revolution in Far Cry 6 is something major for the game’s narrative. As Dani Rojas, it becomes crucial for the player to help the people of Yara from El Presidente’s absurd dictatorship. But what were to happen if you alter the story and its ending? Far Cry 6 continues the series’ practice of including a secret ending for players to find. And for this secret ending, you won’t have to go too far.

How to Get the Secret Ending for Far Cry 6

How to Get the Secret Ending for Far Cry 6

In order to experience the secret ending, you must play Far Cry 6 until you complete the operation “Libertad Rises.” This mission will task you with clearing out two enemy ships to ensure the safety of guerilla boats. Do what you do best and get rid of all enemy forces to eventually meet back with Clara. After completing the mission, Dani will be rewarded with a promised boat from Clara during a cutscene. The next objective for Dani is to talk to Juan to start “The Guerrilla” mission. However, hop in the boat Clara gave you and instead drive away from Juan.

Naturally, the player is meant to talk with Juan. But if you go against this, driving away on the boat will start Dani’s journey to freedom. Dani will say an apology in spirit to Clara, declaring that this Yara trouble is not their fight. Doing this will ultimately subvert Dani’s purpose in the revolution, thus bringing the game to a sudden end. The secret ending sees Dani on a beach three months later after leaving Yara.

A radio broadcast will play detailing the death of Clara, marking the end of the revolution in Yara. It’s hard to tell if Dani has any sympathy or regret, for they’re simply enjoying the sun somewhere in the United States. As Dani takes in paradise, the radio plays Gloria Estefan’s “Conga” after the negative reports of Yara and the global pandemic.

This is the only way to get the game’s secret ending. It may not be so quick to obtain, but all you need to do is drive away after you speak with Clara and everything will suddenly shift. Dani abandons the fight, which in turn marks a pivotal point in the war in Yara, and sees the events play out differently. It’s good to see the secret ending formula once again, especially with an ending that dives into the evil territory.

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