Far Cry 6 Trapper Set | How to Get

Where is the Trapper Set in Far Cry 6? These exclusive pieces of gar are hard to find, and you can’t buy them in any store. As such, you’ll have to stroll around Yara to track them down the old-fashioned way. Fear not, for we can break down the location of all five Trapper Set items.

How to Get the Trapper Set in Far Cry 6

How to Get the Trapper Set in Far Cry 6

Here are the specific locations you’ll have to visit to find each of the five items in the Trapper Set. Each piece also has its own special ability which we’ve listed below.

Trapper Cap

The Trapper Cap will increase how long you can hold your breath during archery.


The Trapper Cap is located in a crate inside the underwater shipwreck, south of the lighthouse in Costa Del Mar. That’s within the Madrugada region.

Trapper Vest

The Trapper Vest prevents wild animals from attacking you. Instead, they’ll go after your enemies.


You can find the Trapper Vest in a crate at another underwater shipwreck. It’s located in the Aguas Lindas district, just west of the coastline.

Trapper Pants

The Trapper Pants will increase your defense against animal attacks.


You’ll find the pants in a crate at the shipwreck south of the Ciénaga Nublada National Park. That’s located in the Balaceras district of Valle de Oro.

Trapper Boots

With the Trapper Boots, you’ll move more quietly after bow-and-arrow kills.


The boots are found in front a submerged house, within the Halcón reservoir. It’ll be right outside the house, so it’s hard to miss.

Trapper Armguard

The Trapper Set’s Armguard slightly increases the damage you deal to marked enemies.


The Trapper Armguard is just in front of another shipwreck. This one is north of the Bahía Tormentosa, just by a cluster of rocks.

That’s where you’ll find the five Trapper Set pieces in Far Cry 6. They’ll make you an even more deadly predator, almost invisible to your enemies. And if stealth is your game, check out these guides to find two of the game’s best silent and suppressed weapons: