Far Cry 6 Urushi Location | Where to Find

Getting your damage on isn’t too hard in Far Cry 6. With the many different ranged, melee, or special weapons that you can use, anyone’s play style is supported. The Urushi Rifle is a Far Cry 6 special, since it grants both solid late-game damage as well as a small lifesteal modifier. It’s perfect for hybrid players who want the benefits of stealth while also being able to wade into battle. So, where can you get this great automatic weapon? And how quickly can you get there?

Where to Find the Urushi Rifle in Far Cry 6

Where to Find the Urushi Rifle in Far Cry 6

The Urushi Rifle is located in the capital city of Esperanza, in the shipping yards of the city. Head into the shipping yard – which you can get to without ever stepping into the heavily defended hostile city – by boat or on foot. Then, you just need to open the Yaran Contraband chest on the eastern side of the shipyard, which will reward you with the unique rifle.

Unfortunately, getting to the shipyard is going to be a bit tricky. This is a relatively late-game area, so if you get shot at, you’ll need to be able to take a hit. Make sure your rank is relatively high just in case you get spotted on the way in. However, if you’re good with stealth, you might be able to get here fairly early. This is an incredible mid-game weapon, so if you want to sneak into the shipyard at that point, you’ve got a reward waiting for you.

The gun has a small chance to heal you when it does damage, but it also has a few other mods, including:

  • AP Rounds: Pierces helmets and body armor.
  • Laser Pointer: Better bullet spread
  • Large Cylindrical Suppressor: Almost silent, at the cost of range.
  • Fresh Clip: First bullet post-reload gains additional damage.

This gun is great for stealth, since the first bullet hits hard. However, it can also handle itself in a firefight, thanks to AP rounds and vampiric triada. A great hybrid option for players who like hiding and doing the exact opposite.

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