FFXIV | How to Hide UI

Final Fantasy XIV has a lot of hidden features in the game. Being an MMO with over 12 years of content under its belt is proof enough. For players who are looking to do something different, there are some fun visual settings. If you’d like to get a better view of the world, you’d probably be interested to hear there’s a secret button to hide the UI. Where is it, and how does it work? Read on to learn exactly how to hide UI.

How to Hide the UI in FFXIV

How to Hide the UI in FFXIV

There are a few ways to hide the UI in FFXIV. The button or key you need depends on which platform you’re playing on. Since the game launched on PS3, PS4, and PC, the button combination is different on each one.

  • On PC, press the Scroll Lock button on your keyboard to hide the UI
  • PS4 players need to press both L1 and the Touchpad to hide the user interface
  • On PS3, press L1 and the select button to hide the UI

Why would anyone want to know how disable the UI for FFXIV? Easy: The game’s main mechanics and visual cooldowns all take up space on the display. Sometimes all that information leads to visual overload, spoiling the rest of the game’s visuals. If you simply want to enjoy the scenery, there’s no harm in toggling the UI off every now and then. After all, you can always bring it right back.

You may also want to hide the user interface to take a screenshot using the hidden Group Pose photo mode. Generally speaking, though, the toggle is there to help keep you immersed as you explore the world outside of combat scenarios. Or, perhaps you’re someone who’s extremely skilled at the game who can play without it.

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