FFXIV | How to Take Screenshots

When it comes to the biggest MMOs in the world, Final Fantasy XIV takes the cake. With over 12 years of content under its belt, the game’s popularity hasn’t stopped all these years later. However, when it comes to showing off your outfit or taking pictures, the best way to do that is to take a screenshot. How does that work? Find out with this straightforward guide.

How to Take Screenshots in FFXIV

How to Take Screenshots in FFXIV

Taking screenshots in FFXIV is pretty easy thanks to the game’s photo mode. It’s called Group Posing, and it allows you to take stunning captures in-game. To start Group Pose, type “/gpose” into the chat. Entering this command into chat will begin the photo mode hidden inside Final Fantasy XIV. From there you have access to a myriad of camera controls, filters, and effects to apply to both your character and the world around you.

Some of the things you can do inside of the photo mode are as follows. You can cause the spacebar to make your character look at the camera. You can move the camera around, you can adjust the depth of field, add lights to the world around you, as well as apply status effects to your character like Deep Freeze and Fire. You’re also able to remove any NPC characters in the background as well, allowing you to stand alone in the world for portrait shots.

When it comes to taking a screenshot you’re going to have to use the external screenshot function on your console or computer. For example, Windows will allow you to screenshot a window or frame with Shift+Windows+S, For Mac, you’ll have to use Shift+Command+3. Or, you can use the Print Screen key on both platforms. For PlayStation, you can use the share button to save a screenshot of your game.

Taking Screenshots in Final Fantasy XIV is a very fun way to showcase your character, as well as record content.

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