FIFA 21 | How to Bicycle Kick

You ever feel like styling on someone during a game of FIFA 21? With a bicycle kick, it’s not going to be too tricky! These kicks are made to look awesome, and are also good for quickly rebounding an airborne ball right behind you. This is both stylish, effective, and required for some daily objectives. So, no matter how you swing it, you’re going to want to know how to do a solid backflip. And this guide will tell you!

How To Do a Bicycle Kick in FIFA 21

How to do a bicycle kick in FIFA 21

In order to bicycle kick in FIFA 21, there must be an airborne ball near the player that you’re controlling. Then, press the left trigger of whatever console you’re using as well as the rightmost button (B on Xbox, Circle on PS4, A on Nintendo Switch) to perform a bicycle kick. If you timed it right, the player will kick the ball that’s behind and above them.

The timing of this ability is the hardest part, since the controls aren’t too tight at all. You might miss the ball a few times before landing it. Try a few bicycle kicks until you see where the game wants your foot to connect with the ball! Then you’ll be landing kicks left and right.

The bicycle kick is important for more than just the utility of backflipping and kicking a ball over her head. It’s also a requirement for achievements and some objectives that you need to do in the game. So, being able to just throw this out when you need to might make you get a little more progress in the future.

Though, you might actually want to use this for corner kick setups. You can get a surprising score with a weirdly-placed player if you really try to master this technique. That being said, you might not want to break this out more than a couple of times per game. It loses a bit of its tactical value when spammed!

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