FIFA 22 Crossplay | Is Cross-Platform Play Supported?

Kicking the ball around on the soccer field in FIFA 22 is more complex than you may realize. With the right team, dominating the servers can be a thrilling ride when all your friends can come together to win. Since FIFA 22 is available for all major platforms, some might wonder if there will be crossplay for the popular franchise’s next installment. The answer might surprise you, however, so keep reading onward to see exactly how FIFA 22 handles crossplay.

Does FIFA 22 Have Crossplay?

FIFA 22 Crossplay and Cross-Gen Support

FIFA 22 features zero crossplay functionality. Each individual platform is restricted to its own servers, and that includes cross-generation play. That means Xbox One owners cannot play with Series X|S owners, and PS4 players cannot join up with PS5 players. You’ll only be able to join matches with other players on your specific platform.

Despite how frequently we see crossplay features in the biggest multiplayer games, we won’t be seeing it for FIFA 22. It’s strange to hear, especially since many big sports titles use crossplay to get as many players together as possible. Restricting servers to individual platforms can greatly hinder a game’s performance if players can’t experience the HyperMotion magic with their friends.

To make matters worse, current-generation consoles are in short supply. Not every has been able to secure a PS5 or an Xbox Series X|S. For those that have, it’s quite possible that they sold their previous current console in order to upgrade. This becomes a problem for friends who own the same console family but not the same platform in the case of FIFA 22. If friends can’t assemble due to the lack of crossplay support, EA might be facing some potential backlash.

With how insanely useful crossplay is, there is a chance we might see it included in FIFA 22 soon — that is, if the publishers see it as an issue. Many popular multiplayer games top online charts because players are able to link up with their friends from different platforms. If EA Sports realizes this, FIFA players just might get what they want in the near future.