Final Fantasy 14 Erichthonios | Asphodelos: First Circle Walkthrough

Final Fantasy 14 has just released Pandaemonium, and thus madness has been unleashed onto all Eorzeans! Getting to this point might take a long time, but it’ll be well worth it for those new tokens! That being said, the bosses down here are no pushovers. While you could go in blind, you might as well do some reading so you can know what to expect! If you want to dodge the mechanics of Asphodelos: The First Circle, our guide to Erichthonios will be handy!

How to Defeat Erichthonios in Asphodelos: The First Circle

Erichthonios The First Circle Final Fantasy 14

The following mechanics are applicable to Asphodelos: The First Circle. They will be in a bulleted list of no specific chronological order.

  • The following are arena-wide, unavoidable damage attacks: Warden’s Wrath, Shining Cells, Slam Shut.
  • The following is the tankbuster, dealing high damage to the primary tank: Heavy Hand.
  • Gaeoler’s Flail: The warder will put his flail on one side of his body. On the cast’s completion, he will cleave that half of the arena. Be clear on the other side of him to dodge.
  • Pitiless Flail: This will push back the target (if the target does not have shields). The target will then become a stack icon. Make sure to run back to your group if targeted.
  • Intemperence: This will make you Overwhelmed by Fire or Cold. If on fire, look for the Blue Cube at the bottom of each quadrant’s pillar. If you’re cold, look for the Fire Cube at the bottom of each quadrant’s pillar. Those will explode first! Keep switching you debuff.
    • He will cast a Gaeoler’s Flail at the end of this the second time onwards. Quickly move to his safe side after clearing your debuff.
  • After Shining Cells, the arena will be changed into multiple colors. During Aetherchain, colored orbs will circle Erichthonios. Those will explode the colors below you. Move to a safe color and then continue DPS.
    • Aetherflail will force you to move onto the safe side and move onto the safe color.

Once you’ve mastered these mechanics, you’re set to go! If you can’t go to the first circle quite yet, check our Pandaemonium Unlock guide to get there faster. Alternatively, learn if Endwalker’s it for FFXIV!