Final Fantasy 14 Fallen Angel Wings | How to Get

Final Fantasy 14 is absolutely in love with glamours, be it for mounts or armor. Square Enix is heavily invested in making you look good. But, they aren’t going to make it easy for you. And some pieces of armor or accessories can get a bit absurd. For instance, the Fallen Angel Wings are one of the coolest, edgiest accessories in Final Fantasy 14. However, if you want to get it, then you have a workday or twenty ahead of you! Find out if its worth your time.

How to Get Fallen Angel Wings in Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 Fallen Angel Wings

In order to get the Fallen Angel Wings, you’re going to need to trade 500 Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers to Edelina in the northern shops of Mor Dhona. Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers can be purchased from Gadfrid in Old Sharlayan or Sajareen at Radz-at-Han for 100 Bicolor Gemstones. You can collect these gemstones from FATEs, the random encounters that spawn on any exploration map in Final Fantasy 14. However, you only get a handful of stones from these FATEs, making this one heck of a project!

So, first, you gather Bicolor Gemstones from FATEs. Then, you trade them to Gadfrid in Old Sharlayan or Sajareen from Radz-at-Han. Finally, you give 500 of those vouchers to Edelina for your wings. Simple, right?

Well, it would be, if you got a reasonable number of these gemstones from FATEs. If you are given full credit for participating in a FATE, you’ll receive 12-14 Bicolor Gemstones. You need to collect 50,000 total Gemstones if you want to collect these wings. That means you will need to complete over 3,500 FATEs!

Make sure that you complete Endwalker FATEs if you want to maximize this horrific farm. Those grant you the most Gemstones right now. Unfortunately, it is not known if there are better ways to farm Gemstones other than just grinding on FATEs. Leave a comment if we’re missing something!

Endwalker promises to be an awesome MMO expansion. If you want to know more about Final Fantasy 14, we can help you along!