Final Fantasy 14 Phoinix | Asphodelos: Third Circle Walkthrough

Welcome to the third circle! You are more than halfway through the normal raid, but this one can be explosive. It’s going to be important to play with the team in this Final Fantasy 14 raid. That’s because the Phoinix which lives in Asphodelos: The Third Circle is a tough cookie. That being said, paying attention will do more than enough to beat it. Let’s learn the mechanics so you can help your team out.

If you’re not quite ready yet, be sure to brush up on the First Circle and Second Circle if needed.

How to Defeat Phoinix in Asphodelos: The Third Circle

Final Fantasy 14 Phoinix Asphodelos: Third Circle

The Phoinix in Asphodelos: The Third Circle is tricky for tanks. Let’s go over its aspects so you can stay safe during the fight. Oh, and don’t walk into the outside circle.

  • Scorched Exaltation, Blaxing Rain, Flames of Undeath, and Dead Rebirth is unavoidable, raid-wide damage.
  • Heat of Condemnation will do big damage to both tanks. Use cooldowns like Rampart or your low-cooldown, high Damage Reduction ability to stay alive.
  • Experimental Fireplume is vuln-stack AoEs based on the animation.
    • Large Fireball: Get away from the center, far to the sdie.
    • Ring of Fireballs: Move to the center, then move to the side after an explosion lands.
  • Darkened Fire requires players to stack next to them. Specifically, players targeted by Brightened Fire must hit the Darkened Fire with their Area of Effect.
  • Left/Right Cinderwing means get on the other side of the boss.
  • Trail of Condemnation means  get away from the front of the bird.

Phase 2 begins. Tanks need to grab the adds without letting their green circles overlap. Do not kill the birds until their circles are not overlapping.

Finally, Phase 3:

  • Fledgling Flight means you’ll have to move in a circle, based on where the Fledglings spawn. Look for the last safe area and move there, then move towards the first explosion once it’s done.
  • Experimental Charplume, spread out!
  • Devouring Brand means to stay out of the cardinal directions.
  • Searing Breeze means move out of your normal spot.
  • Flare of Condemnation means spread out!

And that’s it! All that’s left is to practice dodging these mechanics in the actual fight.