Final Fantasy 16 Producer Asserts That There Is No PC Version

Even though releasing a game across platforms can be great for profits, some titles are adamant about restricting themselves to just one. The upcoming Final Fantasy 16 had rumors that it may be on PC, but producer Naoki Yoshida denies this. In a response to the idea, he urges prospective players to “buy a PS5” in order to play. Although a majority of Final Fantasy games are available for purchase on PC, it’s looking that the next installment will be console-only. Here’s the scoop.

Final Fantasy 16 Is PS5 Exclusive

The Final Fantasy franchise is Square Enix’s flagship series — literally saved them from bankruptcy. While the more recent titles have been online-centric and PC-accessible, it looks like Final Fantasy 16 won’t follow suit. Amidst discussion of a PC-version for the next entry of the series, producer Naoki Yoshida has confirmed that the game won’t launch for PC. Confirmed by IGN and translated by the Twitter account Genki_JPN, Yoshida laughs at the claims of a PC version. In fact, he’s urging players to simply buy a PS5. Considering its processing requirements, it’s likely the game needs to be released on Sony’s console just for it to run properly.

Regardless of all the numbers in their titles, the Final Fantasy games rarely have any continuity between them. The upcoming Final Fantasy 16 will be following suit. It has a whole new cast of characters, in a new world, with new societal structures. Naturally, there’s also a whole new danger that threatens possibly all of existence. Following in the footsteps of Final Fantasy 15, the game will present a huge open world. Players will be able to explore at their own pace, complete quests, and investigate points of interest in hopes of finding something that will help them in their quest. The game is currently scheduled to release in June later this year.

Final Fantasy games are some of the most demanding ones out there and will test the limits of any platform. But with Final Fantasy 16, it seems you’ll need to play on the PS5 specifically.