Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster Leaked By Survey

Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics rejoice, for it seems like a remaster may be on the way. That’s if new information from a Square Enix play-test survey is anything to go by. The rumored Final Fantasy Tactics remaster will likely breathe new life into the 1997 original. That said, details are unsurprisingly thin on the ground at present. Despite this, we’ve compiled all the leaks and tidbits on the supposed Remaster.

Is There A Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster?

Is There A Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster?

As far as we currently know, yes. A Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster appears to be in development, albeit secretly, at Square Enix.

That’s according to some reliable leaked information from Reddit user DrNanard. Their post details a playtest invitation from Square Enix. In a pre-test survey to determine suitability, they received a list of games that would determine if the tester is apt to try the title. Final Fantasy Tactics was one of the games on that roster. As such, speculation is rife that, by putting two and two together, this secret game in testing could be a remaster.

On top of just a cursory mention, DrNanard says that several survey questions were specifically linked to the Final Fantasy franchise. Of course, that’s no guarantee that a remaster is on the way. However, the proximity of the questions to the 1997 original is certainly enough to pique curiosity.

This isn’t the first time that a Final Fantasy Tactics Remaster has been in the works. Ten years after its original PlayStation release, the game landed on PSP, with the subtitle War of the Lions. This re-release introduced a new 16:9 aspect ratio, full English voice acting, and some graphical tweaks. If this modern remaster does come into fruition, it’s likely that it’ll be a revamp of War of the Lions. It’s on mobile devices too – but expect a slight upgrade from those ports.

If you’re excited by this news but don’t know too much about Final Fantasy, fear not. We’ve got a guide with details on every single game and what order to play them in.