Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm | What Is It?

If you know anything about the Final Fantasy franchise, you’ll know exactly how much lore it contains. With fifteen core entries, countless spin-offs, and even more media outside of games, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. One example of an often-forgotten Final Fantasy release is Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm. This spin-off based around the 2001 entry in the series plays a key role in the overall story, but despite that, many fans aren’t even aware of its existence. We’re here to help, as we break down exactly what Final Fantasy X Eternal Calm is.

What Is the Eternal Calm Cutscene in Final Fantasy X?

What Is the Eternal Calm Cutscene in Final Fantasy X?

Also known as Another Story, Eternal Calm is an extended cutscene from Final Fantasy X. Set after the events of the game, it bridges the gap between X and X-2. It features familiar characters such as Yuna and Wakka, showing how and why they end up searching for Tidus at the start of X-2.

If you don’t know much about this cutscene, there may be a good reason behind it. Initially, Eternal Calm came bundled with the Japanese release of Final Fantasy X only. That was on a separate disc with the International and Unlimited Saga versions. Square released it in English via the official PlayStation Magazine, but then it became very rare. That subsequently changed with the X and X-2 remasters in 2013, where it was included with upgraded visuals. If you don’t have those games, then versions of Eternal Calm can be found quite easily on YouTube these days.

While not instrumental for understanding the events of X-2, it certainly helps bridge the gap between the original and sequel. It primarily focuses on Yuna as she wrangles with the supposed sighting of Tidus, as well as an unexpected marriage proposal. Sitting at just fourteen minutes in length, it’s definitely worth watching if you’re a dedicated Final Fantasy fan.