Fire Emblem Engage Arena | How to Unlock

Gladiatorial combat has a home in the Fire Emblem franchise. It is often a place for player units to grind experience, usually at a cost. In Fire Emblem Engage, however, the arena’s usefulness goes through the roof! This place is crucial to use if you want to maximize your unit growth in between chapters. However, you can’t just walk in there. How can you access the arena in Fire Emblem Engage? And what is it good for?

How to Unlock The Arena in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Unlock The Arena in Fire Emblem Engage

In Fire Emblem Engage, the Arena is unlocked after you complete chapter 4. This is the chapter where you unlock Louis and Chloé. The Arena is used for small amounts of Unit Experience and SP, but is entirely free. It is also used for grinding Bond level between your units and anyone, a process which costs bond fragments.

The Arena allows for Standard and Emblem experience farming. Standard pits your unit against another ally of your choice in a battle with random equipment. Emblem pits your unit against one of the Emblem characters. The Emblem uses a unique weapon to them, which often corresponds to what they grant when they Engage with your units.

Engage is not very friendly to arena farming. Unlike other Fire Emblem titles, this gladiatorial zone can only be used three times per chapter or skirmish completed. In addition, you only get so much experience; 10 on Maddening or if your unit loses. Otherwise, you get experience based on the character you defeat. You also gain SP as if your unit was in a fight. This is usually not enough to gain a level, especially if your unit is higher level than your roster. However, the experience is free and there is no repercussion for losing, other than fewer points.

The Emblem arena is not used for normal experience, instead putting your Bond level to a certain amount. This is very handy for Emblems with great low-level bond rewards, like Roy. On any difficulty, you do not need to win the fight. However, you do need to fork up some bond fragments. It’s only 400 to get from level 1 to 5, but it gets more expensive as you get through ranks.