Fire Emblem Engage | Best Emblem Ring Pairings

Emblem Ring pairings are perhaps the most important part of unit preparation in Fire Emblem Engage. As you progress in the story, you gain more and more units and emblem rings to match. Depending on the fight, a good pairing can mean the difference between life and death. So, what are some examples of powerful pairs to use for your army? We have our favorite pairings in this guide!

Best Emblem Ring Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage

Best Emblem Ring Pairings in Fire Emblem Engage

The Best Emblem Ring Pairings change from army to army. Some of these characters will be vastly under-leveled or not have the stats to perform well in every run. This guide is designed as a baseline so you can think of the Emblem Rings in a specific way, letting you build your army to maximize their strengths or buff up weaker units to let them participate.

This is not an inherited skill guide. Rings don’t need to be paired to someone in combat to make use of skills. We will be focusing mostly on Sync and Engage Skills and Actions.

Hero-King: Marth and Timerra

Marth is a relatively good generic Emblem, but with a focus on evasion and bonus damage. We used it to buff up our lower-damage units, allowing them to more consistently one-round with the help of Rapier and Break Defenses.

Timerra fit out bill most often. Her relatively low speed but good Strength growth meant she wasn’t always able to kill high priority units. Lodestar Rush and Break Defenses worked in concert to make units like Timerra cut through a target.

Caring Princess: Celica and Jean

Celica’s ridiculous mobility and high damage are critical for a well-working party. Warp Ragnarok is an effective unit melter and Echo can clear up gummy fights.

Our Jean rolled extremely high on Magic, and serves the party as a high priest. Granting him access to Warp Ragnarok puts him close to enemies without burning uses of Rewarp or Warp. It also makes him exceptionally scary in fights. Giving Jean a reason to be danced worked well for our High Priest build, and the extra tome damage closed much-needed damage gaps.

Holy Knight: Sigurd and Louis

This is a tried-and-true staple for a reason. Sigurd gives Louis two things he needs; movement speed, and incredible damage. This combination allows Louis to move into an encounter, kill a priority target, and then move to protect our units. Headlong Rush was crucial to use during the Tiki DLC map as well.

Dawn Maiden: Micaiah and Anna

Anna really has no place on the battlefield. Our Anna is low level and has trouble fighting at this point.

That’s why Micaiah works so well with her. When Engaged, the extra staff range means Anna only has to fight if my frontline is pierced. She also can use Great Sacrifice to gain nearly a full level, and has slowly caught up with the rest of the party. She’s now actually quite competent as an advanced unit, though she still refuses to proc Make a Killing…

Sage Lord: Leif and Diamont

hen engaged, Leif lets anyone decimate enemies using Quadruple Hit. He also grants a lot of weapon proficiencies, which lets Diamont flex his Strength in different directions depending on the scenario. Great option for a strong but slow unit.

Young Lion: Roy and Alfred

Our Alfred is a bit behind the curve in terms of Speed, but using Rise Above to clear enemies has never been easier. Blazing Lion is a very effective frontlining tool, clearing out health from otherwise durable units. Hold Out has come into play to prevent relaunches by letting Alfred frontline. High-damage effective weapons can let Rise Above shine, so Alfred used Roy’s Engage skill to survive later game fights.

Lady of the Plains: Lyn and Chloé

Chloé has the uncanny ability to be wherever she needs to be at any time. Fliers tend to do that well. So, combining that with Lyn’s doubles means she could provide a distraction wherever she needed to be. Mixed with the Killing Bow and Mani Katti for coverage, Lyn made Chloé shine!

Exalt Princess: Lucina and Amber

Lucina is one of the craziest Engages in the game, granting Bonded Shield, Dual Strike, and All for One. Amber provides excellent mobility that makes great use of Dual Assist, as well as the durability to maximize the use of Bonded Shield.

Radiant Hero: Ike and Jade

Ike wants someone bulky to start with, someone who can distract armies. Jade worked well for us. Giving her Sword access, Reposition, and Wrath, Ike turned Jade from a “good enough” Armor and General to a legitimate juggernaut. She still gets destroyed by mages, but Laguz Friend can let her live while in the range of one or two. And Resolve has saved her from being doubled once or twice!

Instructor: Byleth and Ivy

Byleth’s fantastic Magic growth, the Mentorship skill and Goddess Dance allows for a flier’s utility to be maximized. We use Ivy to get as many four-person Goddess Dance turns as possible, since she otherwise can always be in the center of combat as a high-mobility flier.

Azure Twins: Eirika, Ephraim, and Yunaka

Eirika and Ephraim function as powerful but inconsistent boss killers and tanks. That’s why we like them on our favorite Thief! Yunaka functions as a high-crit, high-avoid tank. Set her on a tile and either use Eirika (Solar) to tank enemy attacks or Ephraim (Eclipse) to decimate opponents. This ring lets Yunaka – and other durable or high-avoid units – take on unexpected challenges.

Crux of Fate: Corrin and Alear

Corrin gives dragons a lot of benefits. As the most easily accessible dragon, Alear works well with them. The sword stuff manes that a Dragon Child Alear can always land attacks, but it also lets the somewhat slow Alear make good use of Dragon Vein. And there’s nothing wrong with Quality Time on the unit that makes the most friends!

Connector: Alear and Celine

Celine was our romantic partner in Engage, but she still makes great use of this emblem. Celine can enemy phase fairly well, and tomes’ range lets her make good use of Bond Blast and Bond Forger. However, in your run, you should put the ring on any partner of your choice, or Alear to make use of Dragon Blast.

Best DLC Emblem Ring Pairings

Ancestor: Tiki and Trainees

We’re very serious here. Anybody can make Tiki work. Her Engage skill turns the weakest unit of your army into something that can take and dish out damage. Divine Blessing keeps a unit alive for a turn, allowing for baits. She’s crazy!

We used her to train units like Jean and Anna out of their early game slump.

Three Houses: Edelgard, Dimitri, Claude, and Kagetsu

The Three Houses band is legitimately strong on any physical unit. Fallen Star allows for any unit to get access to Range 3 combat, and the gambits work well on anyone who can deal damage. We liked Kagetsu with this, though we needed to reclass him to make the best work out of Bow Guard. High damage and strong weapons works well with Kagetsu’s natural speed.