Fire Emblem Engage Bond Level | What Is The Max?

Fire Emblem Engage introduced a new mechanic to the Fire Emblem franchise. The Emblem Rings all share a bond level that is specific to each member of your army. This bond level is shown when equipping the rings, but seems to halt and stutter all of the time. This constant reaching of the limit can be frustrating, but no worries! We’ll tell you what the maximum bond level for each Emblem is.

What Is The Max Bond Level in Fire Emblem Engage?

What Is The Max Bond Level in Fire Emblem Engage?

All Emblems in Fire Emblem Engage have a max Bond Level of 20. This bond level cap requires several Bond conversations before you can reach it. It also usually requires you to complete a Paralogue specifically designed for the Emblem.

You will run into the “max bond level” very often during the early game of Fire Emblem Engage. It begins at 5, then increases to 9, and finally to 10 for most Emblems.

However, at some point, you will be able to perform a Paralogue mission for each Emblem that increases the max bond level to 20. Some rings, like Tiki’s, will not require a paralogue to increase the bond level. These rings normally require a paralogue to unlock in the first place.

Bond level is critical in Engage, since each ring provides massive stat bonuses and skill increases to its bonded user. As you get closer to 20, the Emblem Ring provides more and more impactful bonuses to its bearer.

You can deepen the bond with an Emblem by ensuring that someone wears it to every combat and uses it often. Engage Attacks will increase bond significantly, allowing you to climb towards the max level that you can get at a time. You can also increase bond levels by having a unit polish the emblem’s ring. This is a pretty minor boost compared to combat, but requires next to no effort. It’s just another activity to do while walking around Somniel! And you don’t have to do it between every quest; just every 5-10.

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