Fire Emblem Engage | Can You Recruit Sean?

Fire Emblem Engage is a legitimately challenging game. You’re going to need all advantages that you can possibly get if you want to clear every chapter. Healers are of high importance, especially early on. Having a good swathe of staff users will let you rotate through Divine Arts and maximize your Chain Guard coverage. Sean is the father of Jean, and is shown in the Tea-Field Village of Fire Emblem Engage. Can you recruit him, and if so, how?

Can You Recruit Sean in Fire Emblem Engage?

Can You Recruit Sean in Fire Emblem Engage?

Unfortunately, no, there is no way to recruit the doctor Sean in Fire Emblem Engage. He is purely an NPC who helps you heal throughout the chapter. You can recruit his son, Jean, instead. Jean is the only character that you can recruit through this paralogue.

Sean himself is a healer that runs around through the chapter. He’s fairly durable, and will focus on healing the random villagers that you defend. However, he is not the star of this chapter! You can not recruit him by any method currently known. He will heal your allies if they are the most damaged character nearby. So, if you’re struggling with the chapter, camp out with the villagers and form chokepoints.

His son, Jean, is the one you can recruit! This young doctor-in-training requires a lot of healing in order to catch up to your party. However, his personal skill will let him rocket in quality! It boosts his stat gains whenever he levels up. If you’re lucky, he will be able to become a massive threat.

Training Jean is not too difficult. Watch for enemies with ranged attacks, and keep him slightly behind your more durable units. His Chain Guard harms him by a percentage of his health, so he’ll always survive it. Otherwise, he can just spam his staff until he has enough Strength, Magic, and defensive stats to defeat enemies.