Fire Emblem Engage Dodge vs Avoid | What’s the Difference?

With permadeath enabled, strategic combat in Fire Emblem Engage becomes a matter of life and death for you and your units. That’s why it’s crucial you understand the fundamentals of the game’s combat, as it can mean the difference between saving or losing a friend in your unit. Two combat mechanics in the game that help keep your squad members alive are the Dodge and Avoid skills. Those may sound like they function exactly the same, but they do apply to different aspects of the battle. So, if you’re wondering what the difference between these skills is, keep reading to find out.

What’s the Difference Between Dodge and Avoid in Fire Emblem Engage?

What's the Difference Between Dodge and Avoid in Fire Emblem Engage?

The difference between the Dodge and Avoid skills in Fire Emblem Engage is that Dodge applies to critical hit chance, while Avoid refers to your character’s evasion rate for basic attacks. The higher your character’s Dodge stat is, the better chance they have to “Dodge” a critical hit attack. Avoid, on the other hand, is the likelihood your character will dodge a basic attack. That is why it’s critical that you work to maximize these stats, as they will give your units the best chance of surviving battle.

In order to increase your Dodge stat, you need to increase your Luck stat. The best way to increase your Luck is through Emblems, Bond Rings, Supports, and basic stat-boosting items. Although, your equipped weapons Dodge proficiency also factors into the stat. So, the best way to avoid critical, potentially unit-killing hits is to boost characters’ Luck and outfit them with a weapon that boasts the highest Dodge proficiency.

The Avoid skill on the other hand is determined by your unit’s Luck, Attack Speed and the equipped weapons Avoid stat. Just as you can with the Dodge stat, you can increase characters’ Luck and Attack Speed for the Avoid skill through Emblems, Bond Rings, Supports, and other stat-boosting items. However, unlike Dodge, the Avoid skill is also increased by the terrain your unit is standing on. If they are standing on Forests, Pillar, Peaks, or Gate/Thrones it will increase their Avoid skills stats.

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