Fire Emblem Engage Pact Ring | How to Get

One of the greatest features of Fire Emblem Engage is the fact you can confess your love to another character. Though you may be hesitant at first, after some time going through the thick of it together, you’ll undoubtedly find a character you’ll want to be forever by your side in combat and questing. Not to mention, confessing your love has numerous statistical advantages. However, in order to marry in the game, you must first obtain the Pact Ring. So read on, because we’ll show you how to get it below.

How to Get Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage

How to Get Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage

To get the Pact Ring in Fire Emblem Engage, you need to complete Chapter 22. Doing so will unlock a new Paralogue in The Garden of Memories called The Connector. There are two parts to this mission you’ll need to complete before you can get your hands on the Pact Ring. First, you need to kill the Corrupted enemy who is holding the ring before he escapes. After that, you must defeat all of his Corrupted companions. This is going to be a tough and vigorous fight, so come prepared.

Once you’ve completed this mission, you’ll have the Pact Ring… sort of. In actuality you have it, but you don’t actually have access to it, nor can you use it. That’s because you need to reach A-rank support level with one of your allies before you can use the Pact Ring. Once you’ve reached A-rank support level with a character, simply search your bedside table in The Somniel. When you tried to open this drawer before, it gave you the message “looks like something important belongs here.” But after completing The Connector mission and achieving A-rank with a character, you can open it to obtain the Pact Ring.

Now with the Pact Ring in your possession, you can go up to any unit you have A-rank support level with and trigger a romantic conversation. Marrying them will then boost their support level to S-rank, which grants them the best stats possible. To raise your bond with a unit or character, you need to battle alongside them, share a meal together, or give them gifts.

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