Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advanced Seal | Where to find an Advanced Seal

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a couple of different items that players can collect along their journey to make the game a little bit easier. One of those items comes in the form of Seals. There are five different kinds of Seals, each which have a different purpose. In this guide, we are going to take a look at how to find one Seal in particular, the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advanced Seal.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advanced Seal | Where to find an Advanced Seal

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advanced Seal

As mentioned above, there are five different kinds of Seals in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, some are easy to come by and others are not, depending on its impact to players. Of the five Seals, the Beginner Seal will be easiest to come by, followed by the Intermediate Seal. The hardest one to find will be the Dark Seal, preceded by the Master Seal.

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Sitting between the five Seals is the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Advanced Seal. Perhaps the most important use of the Advanced Seal is to unlock the Advanced Classes, which requires a unit to have reached Level 20 and posses an Advanced Seal. As you’re probably aware, having a well built and leveled up unit is going to make your gameplay experience much easier.

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So where do you find one of these infamous Advanced Seals? There are two different ways that you can find an Advanced Seal. The first, is rather simple and will only require some Gold. If you head to the Marketplace you can buy an Advanced Seal for 1,000 Gold.

If the Marketplace doesn’t have any Advanced Seals, or you don’t have enough Gold, there is another way you can find what you’re looking for. Advanced Seals can be picked up as a mission drop in addition to being purchased. Unfortunately, since this is the third level of Seals, it’s going to rather rare to find an Advanced Seal as a drop in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. However, it is not impossible and you might just find one after completing a mission.

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