First Class Trouble Crossplay | Is There Cross-Platform Support?

Social gatherings can be a blast but in the case of First Class Trouble, it can also be a pain in the neck. The party game from Invisible Walls and Versus Evil is here to administer chaos aboard the ISS Alithea. With working Residents attempting to shut down the rogue Central Artificial Intelligence Network, the Personoids will try to foil their efforts. Much like in the fashion of Among Us, players gather together online for their role as either a Resident or Personoid. Since First Class Trouble is available for PlayStation and PC, can players expect crossplay functionality?

Is There Crossplay in First Class Trouble?

Is There Crossplay in First Class Trouble?

First Class Trouble does feature cross-platform play across all supported platforms. This goes for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Both controller and mouse and keyboard users can either work together to save the ISS Alithea or engage in deception to wipe out the humans trapped in space.

To enable crossplay support with your friends, the menu offers a quick way for you to connect. Upon booting up the game and entering the bar, select the two-headed human icon on the top right. There, you’ll see your Friendslist, any Pending Requests, players you’ve Recently Played With, Find User, and Party tabs. The fourth tab, Find User, is where you’ll input a fellow player’s username and ID number in order to establish a link.

The Party tab will list the current members of the group. It will also identify the host, which platforms are in session, who’s online/offline, etc. Your unique First Class Trouble ID number is located under the same Party tab, next to your username in red text.

First Class Trouble Crossplay Settings

Alternatively, you can switch off cross-platform play if you prefer to stay within your platform’s realm. Simply go to the gear icon from the main screen to access the settings. This will bring you to the Game, Video, Voice, Audio, and Controls tabs. Select Game to locate the “ALLOW CROSS PLATFORM PLAY” option. Uncheck the feature to disable crossplay for your profile.

With four available Residents and two potential Personoids at play, the lawless possibilities can come out of nowhere. First Class Trouble is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store.