Former Limbo Dev Announces Release Date For Somerville

If you’re planning on making it big in the indie market, gloom and innocence make a compelling combo, as one developer can attest. One of the minds behind the indie hits Limbo and Inside is releasing a new game in November called Somerville. Based on their track record, the game can expect to take an emotional toll while still looking beautiful. Combining sci-fi and post-apocalyptic elements, this title stands to set itself apart in more ways than one.

Somerville To Release Next Month

Limbo and Inside were created by a small team of developers who wanted to tell two stories about small children in grim, bleak worlds. One of its former members, Dino Patti, is behind another harsh experience called Somerville. Many details have already been shared about the game, including screenshots and an enigmatic video clip. Based on the images and details covered by IGN, the game will consist of several characters instead of just one. Players control a mother, a father, their son, and a dog as they roam across a world dominated by aliens. Based on the context, it appears the goal is in trying to find somewhere out of the aliens’ reach.

Though this is Patti’s project, he’s bringing some familiar tones to it. When he was part of Playdead, he helped create Limbo and Inside. These games revolve around haunting and atmospheric puzzle-solving. As nameless children, players had to explore overly hostile worlds where just one mistake meant death. Usually, this appeared in a gruesome fashion. In 2016, Patti set out on his own and Somerville could be considered a big return to the gaming stage after being announced in 2017. Based on the images shown, even though there’s a whole family to lead, it looks like hiding and running will be your main defenses against the extraterrestrial threat.

Dino Patti was part of Playdead for some amazing titles, and it appears he hasn’t lost his touch since parting ways and forming Jumpship Studio. His game Somerville is expected to launch on November 15 for PC and Xbox.