Forspoken Barren Plains Mutants | How to Defeat

The world of Athia in Forspoken is home to a wide variety of deadly beasts. Of all of the enemies you go up against, few are as tough as mutants. Outside of Locked Labyrinth bosses, these creatures are some of the hardest fights in the entire game, and will put your skills to the test. They’re a great way to get the most out of Forspoken‘s unique and kinetic magical combat and can be found all over the map. Even the Barren Plains, Forspoken‘s starting area, has mutants. If you need help in defeating the mutant in the Barren Plains, read on below.

How to Defeat the Barren Plains Mutants in Forspoken

How to Defeat the Barren Plains Mutants in Forspoken

There’s only one mutant in the Barren Plains and it’s an Altered Mylodon. However, don’t attempt to take it on until you’ve defeated Tanta Sila and obtained her magic. Mutants in Forspoken are incredibly difficult as it is and Altered Mylodon is resistant to Frey’s magic. You won’t do any damage to it even if you’re using the best early-game skills. Additionally, it’s also immune to Tangled, Imprisoned, Confused, and Stopped effects.

Altered Mylodon hits hard. It can swing its claws down for a deadly AoE attack, as well as hit with a side attack. Try to avoid getting as close to Altered Mylodon as possible. An easy way to take it out is by using Fusillade in conjunction with Blast Slice Level 2. Keep your distance, then make use of the new Zip ability gained by killing Sila to latch onto it from afar. Use Arc Slice to get some quick hits in so long as you’re careful about dodging and parrying. Zip away from Altered Mylodon again and use the same Fusillade and Blast Slice Level 2 combo.

Whenever you’re able, use Conflagration, the Surge Magic you get from Sila. It dishes out a lot of damage very quickly, and makes it easier to get a killing blow attack on Altered Mylodon. Frey is vulnerable when using her Surge magic, though, so don’t pop it in the middle of being attacked. The Barren Plains Altered Mylodon will drop four Lambent Garlands when defeated and a good amount of experience points. Remember to maximize the amount of experience points you get by obtaining a higher Combat Rank during battle.