Forspoken | Best Blue Magic Skills

There are four different skill sets of magic in Forspoken. As Frey defeats the various Tantas of Athia, she’ll gain their corresponding magic. Defeating Tanta Prav will unlock the blue magic skill set. Blue magic is fantastic for both ranged damage and crowd control. There are plenty of choices to pick from. If you’re unsure as to which skills are the most beneficial, read on for the best blue magic skills in Forspoken.

Best Blue Magic Skills in Forspoken

Best Blue Magic Skills in Forspoken

Oubliette: This is by far the best spell in Frey’s whole blue magic set. Oubliette traps an enemy in a gigantic bubble of water that does continuous damage as it drowns them. Popping the bubble will send out an explosion of water to damage every enemy in the area, too.

Cluster Bolt Level 2 or 3: Although it’s the slowest of the three attack spells, Cluster Bolt is arguably the most useful. Frey will shoot out an arrow that rains down damage over an entire area. Its area of effect widens with each level gained so it’s worth the investment. This makes it great for dealing with large crowds or bosses that move around a bit.

Eagre: This summons a barrier of water around Frey that will knock back any enemy caught in the area. It provides Frey with some breathing room in chaotic fights on top of dealing damage. Later sections in Forspoken will throw a ton of enemies at you all at once. Eagre is essential for surviving these battles.

Cataract Level 2 or 3: Frey’s Surge Magic spell for blue magic. Cataract is already powerful at its initial level as it summons a vortex to suck in enemies. However, at its second level, Cataract summons pillars of water as the buttons to cast it are held down. This is improved further on its final level as those pillars will then completely freeze enemies.

Up and Away: A spell that allows Frey to equip blue magic mid-combo. Up and Away sends her leaping into the air, replenishing her supply of projectiles as she switches over from other types of magic. This offers the perfect chance to cast a spell like Cluster Bolt or Maelstrom.