Forspoken | Best Green Magic Skills

Frey will learn to master four types of magic during her journey in Forspoken. She’ll start with purple magic and gradually learn more along the way. This is usually done by defeating Tantas, such as Tanta Sila. However, without going into spoilers, green magic is obtained a little differently. You won’t have much time to practice using it compared to the other types. Make the most of this skill set by reading on for the best green magic skills in Forspoken.

Best Green Magic Skills in Forspoken

Best Green Magic Skills in Forspoken

Storm Dart: The main mechanic of green magic is different than Frey’s other magic skill sets. Pressing the attack button will shoot out darts, which act as targets for the attack spells in different ways. Storm Dart will unleash a huge shockwave of electricity around Frey that explodes any dart it comes into contact with. If you’re surrounded by a crowd of enemies, pelting them with darts and using Storm Dart is a great way to go some crowd control.

Sublimation: A fantastic support spell. Sublimation is perfect if you’re out of Healing Draughts or simply want to avoid using them. It allows Frey to absorb the life force of the area around her, which slowly heals her in the process. Sublimation fits in with any skill set, so even if you normally prefer to use something like blue magic, it’s still a must-have.

Aggression: This spell will send out a ton of darts in a fan spread formation. It’s a very fast way to embed darts into multiple enemies, so it’s a perfect spell to synergize with Storm Dart.

Projection: Like most of the green magic spells, Projection is very simple in concept. It’s a big spear of crackling lightning that will explode into a huge field of electricity upon contact with an enemy. While it’s not the most inventive of Frey’s arsenal, Projection has a fast recharge rate, making it great for building up Surge Magic.

Hide and Seek: This is the spell that allows Frey to switch to Olas’ green magic mid-combo. When used, Frey will shoot out projectiles before teleporting behind enemies. This instantly equips her with green magic. Even if you need to use red magic against an enemy, Hide and Seek will let you reposition yourself.