Forspoken | Best Purple Magic Skills

Purple magic is one of four magic skill sets in Forspoken, and it’s what Frey will have access to at the start of the game. There are definitely certain skills you should prioritize when you begin your journey through Athia. However, some of the most useful skills for this starting magic won’t be available to you until you progress further through the game. Read on for the best purple magic skills to get in Forspoken.

Best Purple Magic Skills in Forspoken

Best Purple Magic Skills in Forspoken

Tendril: Out of every spell in Frey’s purple magic skill set, Tendril is the one you’ll likely to find yourself using the most. Fights in Forspoken tend to quickly get very crowded. In fact, most of the best spells for blue magic focus on crowd control. Tendril has widespread area of effect damage and leeches health from enemies at the same time. It’s useful in almost every fight even by the end of the game.

Disperse: This spell summons a plant turret to pelt stones at enemies wherever you place it. Although Disperse doesn’t do much damage, it provides some extra firepower and recharges fairly quickly.

Screen: A fantastic defensive spell. While Cuff will automatically protect Frey from a few hits and fall damage, it costs precious stamina. Screen will shield Frey with floating rocks for a couple hits and prevent the need to rely on Cuff.

Burst Shot Level 2 or 3: Burst Shot is by far Frey’s best purple magic attack spell. Charging it will unleash a huge explosion of rock. Focus on unlocking skills like Tendril and Screen first, then invest in upgrading Burst Shot to at least its second level. Each upgrade to Burst Shot will expand how hard it hits and the radius of its explosion.

Shimmy: Essential for parkour and traversal. Every time you press the jump button after landing, Frey will spring from the ground and gain a boost of speed. But don’t think you can only do this from tall heights. You can execute a Shimmy from running on flat terrain and can even chain them together.

Leap (Enhanced): Leap is a starting spell that Frey has by default. Enhance it by completing its Spellcraft challenge to allow Frey to recover stamina when she uses it.

Cut and Run: This is Frey’s spell for switching to purple magic mid-combo and you won’t see it until defeating Tanta Sila. Cut and Run will propel Frey backwards while unleashing an explosion to equip purple magic. It not only does damage but creates breathing room as well.