Forspoken | Best Red Magic Skills

The various types of magic that Frey can learn in Forspoken are classified by colors. Each of these can be obtained after defeating the magic’s corresponding Tanta. For red magic, that would be Tanta Sila. Red magic is unique compared to every other magic in the game because it’s focused on melee attacks. To make the most out of Tanta Sila’s powers, read on for the best red magic skills in Forspoken.

Best Red Magic Skills in Forspoken

Best Red Magic Skills in Forspoken

Blast Slice Level 2 or 3: Blast Slice is hands down the best attack spell for red magic. It comes in handy in almost every single boss battle. Blast Slice will throw a spear of pure fire at an enemy when charged and then explode. If it’s used midair, Frey will instead crash down in a pool of fire spikes. It’s a good spell even at the basic level but upgrading Blast Slice increases its distance and damage, as well as expand its attack radius. Make sure you get it to at least Level 2.

Zip (Enhanced): Out of every parkour skill you get from each additional set of magic, Zip is the most important. It unlocks a grappling hook for Frey to use in both traversal and combat. She can either pull herself up ledges, down to the ground in order to prevent fall damage, or pull into enemies. Immediately complete its Spellcraft challenge the second you have it unlocked. Zip costs quite a bit of stamina to use, but it won’t cost anything once it’s enhanced.

Bombardier: This spell will kick back an enemy and cause them to explode upon landing. It’s a much quicker way to do some crowd control than charging up an Arc Slice attack. Plus, kicking things until they explode is just cool!

Firetrap: A great spell for dealing continuous damage over time. Firetrap summons a geyser of lava under an enemy that eats away at their health. Use it after casting Bind from Frey’s purple magic to get the most out of its potential.

Drag and Drop: This spell allows Frey to switch to red magic mid-combo. She’ll yank a distant enemy toward her with Zip while switching over to red magic, which you can follow up with a melee spell attack.