Forspoken Blessed Plains Mutants | How to Defeat

Mutants in Forspoken are some of the toughest enemies you’ll go up against. It’s best not to try and fight any of these until you’ve at least obtained blue magic in order to take advantage of elemental weaknesses. You can stumble across mutants all across Athia, and the Blessed Plains is home to two of them. If you’re having trouble defeating the mutants of Blessed Plains, read on below.

How to Defeat Blessed Plains Mutants in Forspoken

How to Defeat Blessed Plains Mutants in Forspoken

Altered Goliath is a tough fight for several reasons. Like other mutants, it’s immune to the Tangled, Imprisoned, Confused, and Stopped status effects. He’s also resistant to Sila’s red magic and highly resistant to Frey’s purple magic. Prav’s blue magic is effective, but Olas’ green magic even moreso.

You’ll need to watch out for the Altered Goliath’s devastating punching attack. It can also throw a boulder projectile that can easily one-shot Frey if she isn’t at full health. Worse, Goliaths constantly regenerate their own health. Switch to blue magic and cast Naedre to poison the Altered Goliath. If you have Alb, cast it to lessen the effects of the Goliath’s boulder attack. This will prevent it from regaining any health it loses. With green magic, use Projection for a quick lightning attack and Compulsion to place mines, then follow up with Pulse Dart.

The Altered Mylodon mutant in Forspoken

Altered Mylodon is the other mutant that roams the Blessed Plains. If your very first mutant battle was near the starting area of Cipal, you might remember it. Fighting this Altered Mylodon is functionally the same. You’ll need to be extremely careful of its side attack, as it packs a very real punch. An easy way to deal a ton of damage is to throw up a Crucible around the Altered Mylodon and then then use Firetrap. You’ll want to keep your distance, so stick to making ranged attacks. Use the combination of Fusillade and Blast Slice Level 2 or 3 to focus on maximizing your ranged damage. You can also cast Legion to give yourself some extra backup. Whenever your Surge Magic is charged, use Conflagration and you’ll have it slain in no time.