Forspoken Chapter 11 Portal | Which Should You Choose?

Forspoken Chapter 11 Portal - Which Should You Choose?

For the most part, Forspoken is a very linear experience in terms of story. There’s plenty of side content to do while exploring the world of Athia, such as exploring Lost Labyrinths or fighting mutants, but there are no narrative decisions. That all changes in Chapter 11, aptly titled “Forspoken.” Frey will be presented with a huge choice that directly impacts the rest of the game. But is it really as obvious of a decision as it seems? Read on to find out which portal you should choose in Chapter 11 of Forspoken and be wary of major spoilers below!

Which Portal Should You Choose in Chapter 11 of Forspoken?

Which Portal Should You Choose in Chapter 11 of Forspoken?

After learning the truth of her heritage and the Tantas themselves, Frey will be presented with a huge decision. Her mother, Tanta Cinta, will summon two toranas. The one on the left will lead directly back to Cipal. However, the one on the right will lead back to Frey’s home of New York. Should you take Cinta up on her offer and return to New York?

If you want to finish Forspoken, you shouldn’t pick New York. The game won’t actually stop you from returning or force you into the other option. Instead, Cinta will voice her disappointment and tell Frey she’ll always love her. The scene then cuts to the streets of New York where Frey is once again reunited with her cat, Homer. She wonders out loud where they go now before the credits abruptly roll.

That’s not very satisfying! Choose the torana on the left instead and head back to Cipal so you can confront Susurrus. This will lock you into the rest of Forspoken‘s campaign and lead to the game’s canonical ending. Save beforehand and make sure you have some of the best magic skills possible. Be warned that you won’t be able to free roam until defeating the final boss.

You don’t actually have to make this choice immediately. Use this time to brew Healing Draughts or upgrade your gear. You can also finish any side content you’re in the middle of before making your choice and grind for some levels. Just be warned that without Cuff, Frey will be unable to use a Cuff Scan or parry attacks, meaning battles will be much harder.

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