Forspoken | How to Get Higher Combat Rankings

Combat in Forspoken is as fun as it is flashy. Often times it’s downright chaotic. While it’s enjoyable to sling giant rocks at zombies or dragons, there’s still a level of strategy needed. Forspoken uses a grading system for enemy encounters called Combat Rankings. The higher your Combat Ranking, the better your experience points and material drop rates. But getting high Combat Rankings in Forspoken requires putting some thought into each battle. If you’re looking to get a higher Combat Rank and don’t know how to increase it, read on below for some tips.

How to Get Higher Combat Rankings in Forspoken

How to Get Higher Combat Rankings in Forspoken

Raising your Combat Rank isn’t as simple as it seems. Damaging enemies raises your ranking and taking damage decreases it, but there’s more to the grading system than that. There are a number of factors that influence your Combat Rank. This ranges from spell usage variety to how you position yourself in battle.

The number one way to increase your Combat Rank is to avoid taking damage. This includes avoiding hits of status effect attacks, such as poison. Using your parkour to dodge is key and chaining attacks after doing so will also increase your Combat Rank. Be mindful of your positioning in combat as well. Flanking an enemy or attacking it from behind will award more points than a head-on hit.

A helpful tactic to remember is using Cuff’s scanning ability to get information on the enemies you face. It will give you a brief rundown on the enemy itself as well as a look at its strengths and weaknesses. One enemy might be resistant to Frey’s magic, for example, but weak to Sila’s. Scanning will allow you to maximize your damage output and helps increase your Combat Rank. You can even scan enemies mid-battle and scan bosses, too.

When using your spells, you’ll want to make sure you’re not spamming the same action over and over. Don’t just mix support magic and attack magic together. You need to swap spells that are on cooldowns and, eventually, switch between different sets of magic. There are a lot of skills and spells in Forspoken, so know which ones to prioritize.