Forspoken | Is There Fall Damage?

Movement is the core gameplay mechanic in ForspokenFrey is constantly on the move through use of her magic parkour. Whether it’s dashing across fields, scaling cliffs with her jumps, or even running across water, she rarely stays still for very long. With so much focus on traversal, you’re bound to eventually find yourself climbing up high and wondering if you can survive the big fall down. But don’t risk that jump just yet! First, read on to find out if there’s fall damage in Forspoken.

Is There Fall Damage in Forspoken?

Is There Fall Damage in Forspoken?

Yes, there is fall damage in Forspoken. But it doesn’t function quite the same way it does in most open-world games. While Frey does take fall damage, it typically won’t result in an instant kill and game over screen. That’s because Cuff will do his job of protecting Frey even outside of combat.

If Frey ever falls from a great height, Cuff will shield her from any massive hit to her health so long as she has some stamina to spare. Without stamina, Cuff will have no energy to use for his shield, meaning that Frey will have no magical barrier to cushion the impact of her fall.

Keep in mind that stamina will drain whenever you sprint into Frey’s magic parkour. If you’ve just ran a long distance, you might have completely drained your stamina bar without even realizing it. Chaining your parkour moves together will slow the depletion of stamina. Always try to do more than simply run in a straight line to minimize stamina loss.

The wide variety of traversal moves offered by Frey’s magic parkour makes Athia a ton of fun to explore. Some of the game’s collectables and treasure chests can be hidden away in high areas, so you’re likely to come across situations where falling is a very big risk. There’s usually no reason to worry if you happen to fall by accident. Just try to be mindful of your stamina bar before leaping off any cliffs or tall buildings. Taking the slow way down might not be the most exciting way, but it’s certainly the safest.