Forspoken Lesser Deinosuchus | How to Defeat

In its opening hours, Forspoken is entirely linear. Those beginning chapters set the stage for the rest of the game and cover a lot of narrative ground. Once you’re free to explore Athia at your own pace, the huge map can seem intimidating with how much there is to do. One of the things you’re likely to do is head toward the first dungeon the game leads you to, Lost Labyrinth: East, which is full of enemies and good loot. The boss fight at the end of this dungeon against Lesser Deinosuchus can be quite a challenge. If you’re having trouble, read on for some to tips on defeating it.

How to Defeat Lesser Deinosuchus in Forspoken

How to Defeat Lesser Deinosuchus in Forspoken

Lesser Deinosuchus can be a tough opponent if you’re tackling Lost Labyrinth: East right away. At this point in the game, Frey doesn’t have a wide variety of spells at her disposal. Making this fight even harder is the fact that Lesser Deinosuchus is aquatic. Frey can swim just fine, but it severely slows her movement and you’ll have to keep moving between platforms during this battle.

Attacking Lesser Deinosuchus is pretty straightforward for the most part. It usually maintains its distance from Frey, so Scatter Shot is your best attack spell. Pair it with the Disperse spell to summon a plant turret to support you in combat. After taking enough damage, Lesser Deinosuchus will retreat underwater before springing back up.

At a certain point, it will begin to summon geysers of water at Frey’s feet. Be on the lookout for spots of light on the ground, which will indicate where the geysers will spawn. Lesser Deinosuchus will eventually make its way closer to Frey during points of the battle to make close-range attacks. Luckily, Frey can do the same. Switch from Scatter Shot over to Burst Shot and hit it with a few charged blasts.

Consider investing your mana skill points in the Tendril spell if you haven’t already. Tendril is a support magic spell that unleashes a vine whip. It has a wide area of attack so it’s simple to land against Lesser Deinosuchus, and it also restores some of Fey’s own health.