Forspoken Level Cap | What Is Max Level?

Forspoken is a new and exciting ARPG developed by Luminous Productions. In this open-world adventure, you take on the role of Frey, a young New Yorker who has been cast to the lands of Athia. A world that’s teeming with monstrous creatures eager to devour you at every turn. However, thanks to her newly discovered magical abilities, Frey has a chance of overcoming the harshness of this world and returning home. If you’re curious as to what’s the max level you can progress Frey’s magical prowess, keep reading to find out!

What Is the Max Level Cap in Forspoken?

What Is the Max Level Cap in Forspoken?

According to players who have exhausted the Forspoken demo, the games max level cap is 99. However, that is the case found by players who maxed out Frey’s magical abilities in the demo. Of course, there is more content in the full game. So, there is always the possibility the level cap will be increased. However, based on our knowledge so far, no player has risen above the 99th level in the game’s full release. So, it would appear that this is the max level in Forspoken.

Still, as noted by the Redditors and YouTubers who reached the max level of 99, it took them approximately 40-50 hours to do so. Based on our experience with other open-world ARPGs, that appears to be a reasonable timetable for reaching the game’s maximum level. It is worth noting, that these players also reported having extra mana left over. This is used in the game to level Frey and her abilities.

This could hint that the game’s maximum level will be raised in the future. For example, as more spells and abilities are released alongside updates, players may be able to invest in them with the mana they have saved up. As a result, this could increase the max level beyond 99. However, for now, it appears that you can only max out Frey’s magical abilities in Forspoken to level 99.

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