Forspoken Meso Gigas | How to Defeat

There are many Lost Labyrinths in Forspoken. These mini-dungeons can be found all across Athia and reward you with new cloaks, necklaces, or nail designs. However, obtaining this gear isn’t as simple as opening a treasure chest. You’ll need to battle a challenging boss at the end of each Lost Labyrinth. If you’re having trouble with the Meso Gigas guarding the Lost Labyrinth: Mountain Base, read on for tips on how to defeat it.

How to Defeat Meso Gigas in Forspoken

How to Defeat Meso Gigas in Forspoken

It’s important to note that Meso Gigas is immune to most status effects. That includes Tangled, Magma, Imprisoned, Confused, and Stopped. Meso Gigas is also highly resistant to Sila’s red magic. While Prav’s blue magic and Frey’s purple magic can damage it, your best bet is Olas’ green magic.

Meso Gigas hits like a tank. If you want to get through this battle, your safest option is to constantly be in motion and make liberal use of dodging. Briefly switch over to purple magic to pop a quick Screen spell for extra shielding whenever you can. You can also use Implant and Disperse to deal additional damage but don’t rely on them. Stick to green magic for the majority of this fight.

There are two attacks that this boss uses. The first is lobbing a gigantic fireball at Frey. This attack melts through your health rapidly if you aren’t careful. To avoid damage, use the purple magic skill Skip or green magic skill Spoof if you have either of them. Its other attack is to leap up into the air and come crashing down on top of Frey. Meso Gigas can sometimes be relentless with its leaping attacks, so keep your distance.

The best way to take Meso Gigas down is by not getting greedy. Wait for it to finish attacking and use that as your window of opportunity. Spam green magic darts into it and use Storm Dart to detonate them. Projection is also great here, as the lightning spear it generates can travel a good distance. If you’re running low on Healing Draughts, cast Sublimation to give yourself some health.

Meso Gigas ultimately isn’t that tough of an opponent to take down in terms of tactics. The reason it’s a challenge is because of how hard it hits. If you maintain your distance and understand how to do a perfect parry, you should get through it just fine.