Forspoken Shepherd’s Meadow Mutants | How to Defeat

There are a ton of mutants that can be found throughout the land of Athia in Forspoken. These are tough boss battles you’ll encounter while exploring. Every battle with a mutant will put your combat skills to the test, so it’s best to try and defeat them after completing the game. If you’re having trouble with the two mutants located in Shepherd’s Meadow, read on for strategies on how to defeat them.

How to Defeat Shepherd’s Meadow Mutants in Forspoken

How to Defeat Shepherd's Meadow Mutants in Forspoken

Altered Borophagus will be surrounded by a flock of Vorona. Take the Vorona down first, as they can prove to be a nuisance during this fight if not dealt with. Vorona are weak to Prav’s blue magic. Cluster Bolt is your best attack spell here and, when coupled with Oubliette, should make quick work of the Vorona. You can also use Cataract if you build up your Surge Magic meter.

For the Altered Borophagus itself, you’ll want to prioritize using Frey’s purple magic. Send out a plant turret with Disperse and cast Screen to give yourself an extra shield. You can also use Implant to deal more continuous damage. Altered Borophagus can go down fairly fast so long as you make sure to dodge and parry. It has a spinning attack where it whips its tail to deal a ton of damage. You’ll want to keep your distance and pelt away at its health bar with Scatter Shot. A well-timed charged Burst Shot and Genesis will be helpful here, too.

Close up of an Altered Nunda in Forspoken

Altered Nunda will be surrounded by a pack of Miacis. They’re weak to red magic but highly weak to Olas’ green magic. Use Aggression and Storm Dart to kill the Miacis first. Alternatively, you can switch to red magic and trap them in a Crucible while summoning a Legion. It’s highly important that you fight Altered Nunda without any distractions.

If you’ve encountered the Altered Nunda in the Visorian Plateau, you’ll know what to expect from this mutant. It’s wise to constantly be on the move and keep your distance during this battle. Altered Nunda is fast and agile, and it has a deadly lunging attack. Otherwise the strategy for defeating it stays the same. Use green magic spells like Projection and Storm Dart heavily. Because the Altered Nunda is so prone to jumping around, Compulsion is also a great spell to use. It’s almost guaranteed to hit the mines you lay out. Cast Displacement to trick the Altered Nunda with a decoy if your health is running low and use a Healing Draught.