Forspoken Tanta Prav | How to Defeat

There are four Tantas in Forspoken that act as the game’s major boss battles. The second of these will be Tanta Prav, the Tanta of Justice. Prav is a much more interesting battle than Tanta Sila. That’s because on top of being able to control water, Prav can also manipulate gravity. Read on if you find yourself struggling with this tough and gravity-defying fight.

How to Defeat Tanta Prav in Forspoken

How to Defeat Tanta Prav in Forspoken

You’ll want to use Tanta Sila’s magic for this fight. In her first phase, Prav can attack with a huge jet stream of water. Don’t be afraid to get aggressive and stay on the offense. Rage Slice is a great choice here, especially if you have it upgraded to Level 2 or 3. You’ll want to cast Fusillade regardless of which attack spell you decide to use, as the extra backup is great while you charge your attacks. Prav will eventually encase herself in a bubble that you can pierce with Blast Slice and pelt shards of ice. When she takes enough damage, she’ll create a huge sphere of water. Pop it with Blast Slice or Burst Shot quickly before it can be unleashed.

Prav’s second phase is relatively easier despite how it might seem. She’ll periodically create spikes of ice on the floor and walls, but these will be telegraphed by visual spots and you can easily avoid them. Mobility will be essential for this phase. Cast Fusillade and spam charged Blast Slice attacks. Switch to Frey’s magical temporarily and use Screen if you feel you’re taking too much damage.

The third phase of Prav’s fight will be the toughest. After sending Frey crashing into a lake, she’ll begin to freeze the water around her. If you’ve battled an aquatic enemy before, you’ll know that Frey isn’t the fastest in water. Use the sprint button immediately and swim to one of the many platforms. Fusillade and Blast Slice will be your bread and butter spells once again. Toward the end of the fight, Prav will begin to trap Frey in a gravity manipulated bubble and send waves of water spheres at her. Ranged attacks aren’t going to work, but stay calm. Use the basic Slice attack as the spheres approach to pop them without taking any damage. Defeating Tanta Prav will reward you with her blue magic and the traversal ability to surf on water.