Forspoken Tanta Sila | How to Defeat

There are four Tantas in Forspoken, and each are tough, lengthy boss fights. This is true even with the game’s first Tanta battle with Sila. She’s known as the Tanta of Strength for a reason. Unless you’ve stumbled onto a mutant, Sila is easily the toughest fight this early in Forspoken. She’s an extremely melee-focused warrior that likes to get up close and personal. If you’re having trouble trying to defeat Sila, read on for tips that will help.

How to Defeat Tanta Sila in Forspoken

How to Defeat Tanta Sila in Forspoken

In her first phase, you’ll need to take cover behind pillars when Sila unleashes a wave of fireballs. Use Scatter Shot and keep your distance. She will will rush at you regularly with quick melee attacks that you’ll need to either dodge or parry. When it looks like you have a window of opportunity, use Bind to hold Sila in place and hit her with either a charged Burst Shot or Genesis. It’s also useful to cast Disperse or Implant, as both will deal continuous extra damage to Sila over time.

Sila will summon an army of shielded soldiers in her second phase. These are the exact same enemies that you’ve fought numerous times on your way the boss, so you’ll be used to dealing with them. Use Genesis if you have it charged to send nearly all of them flying back, then follow it up with Tendril to do a wide area of attack and heal Frey. Fighting at this point will be nearly the same as the first phase, after the soldiers are taken care of.

Phase Three is when she’s at her most dangerous. After a Shakespearean-level emotional breakdown, Sila will channel all of her rage into her magic. Her fireballs will be bigger and more powerful, and worse, her health bar will be completely refilled. She’ll have a new attack where she leaps into the air and plunges her weapons into the ground, and she can ignite the entire floor. Use Scatter Shot and Disperse to keep dealing steady damage, and work in regular Burst Shots. Bind Sila when you’re able and hit her with Genesis. Once she’s defeated, you’ll have access to her red magic as well as her Zip ability.