Forspoken Tanta’s Demesne Mutants | How to Defeat

Battles against mutants in Forspoken are some of the toughest in the entire game. These super-sized versions of regular enemies in the game are no joke. They hit harder, have new attacks, and are more challenging in general. There are three mutants in the Tanta’s Demsne area of Forspoken. If you need help in defeating them, read on below.

How to Defeat Tanta’s Demesne Mutants in Forspoken

How to Defeat Tanta's Demesne Mutants in Forspoken

Altered Ilingoceros will be surrounded by a group of Ramoceros and a standard Ilingoceros. All of these enemies are highly weak to Prav’s blue magic. Focus on taking out the Ramoceros and basic Ilingoceros at the start of the battle. Eagre is a great choice if you have them grouped together, as the barrier it emits will push them all back. You’ll also want to encase one of the regular monsters in an Oubliette. If you can charge your Surge Magic, a well-timed Cataract will make quick work of the group.

The Altered Ilingoceros will prance over the area and attack by slamming into the ground. It can also fling projectiles with its horns. Be on your guard and use Alb. Keep your distance and poison it regularly with Naedre to bring it down quickly.

Altered Borophagus mutant in Forspoken

Altered Borophagus is guarded by a regular Borophagus and a few Amphicyon. All of these enemies are weak to Frey’s purple magic. Cast Screen to give yourself a shield. Use Disperse to give yourself a turret for extra firepower and Tendril whenever you get surrounded. It’s important to focus on the Borophagus and Amphicyon first. A charged Burst Shot Level 2 or 3 is perfect for its area of effect.

When the minions are dealt with, infect the Altered Borophagus with Implant to deal continuous damage and switch to Scatter Shot. You’ll want to keep your distance as much as possible. Don’t let up on it and cast Genesis whenever you can.

Altered Mylodon mutant in Forspoken

Altered Mylodon, who you might be familiar with, pops up again in the Tanta’s Demesne. Multiple Arctodus and a basic Mylodon surround it and all are weak to red magic. Immediately throw up a Crucible and summon a Legion, then cast Fusillade. Use Arc Slice to attack all of them at once. This fight is incredibly chaotic because these enemies have powerful close range attacks, and you’ll lose all of your health very quickly. Make use of perfect parries and utilize Spoof for dodging if you have it.