Forspoken Visorian Plateau Mutants | How to Defeat

There are many side activities to do in Forspoken. One of these activities is finding and defeating mutants. Mutated enemies are some of the toughest in the game and will prove to be a real challenge. You’ll find these all across the region of Athia. The Visorian Plateau is home to two difficult mutants, the Altered Stegotretus and the Altered Nunda. Read on below to find strategies on how to defeat them.

How to Defeat Visorian Plateau Mutants in Forspoken

How to Defeat Visorian Plateau Mutants in Forspoken

Altered Stegotratus will be accompanied by a horde of Varanus. The Varanus are immune to poison and while somewhat weak to Sila’s red magic, they’re highly weak to Frey’s purple magic. Dispatching them will be somewhat faster if you focus on using red magic purely because of how powerful it is. You can put up a Crucible when the Varanus are huddled close together and then use a charged Blast Slice Level 2 or 3 to take care of them quickly. Firetrap and Legion are also useful here. Defeat the Varanus before turning your attention to your real target.

The Altered Stegotratus itself likely won’t cause much of an issue so long as you’re prepared against poison. Altered Stegotratus will periodically spray bursts of poison in a large area, so be sure to either have Leach to cleanse yourself or poison-negating gear. You’re going to want to focus on its weakness and use purple magic. Make sure to cast Screen every chance you get to shield yourself from a few attacks. Keep your distance with Scatter Shot and switch over to Olas’ green magic to pop a quick Sublimation if your health is running low. When you’ve charged your Surge Magic, wait for an opening and hit it with Genesis.

Altered Nunda mutant in Forspoken

Altered Nunda is a much tougher fight. Like the Altered Stegotratus, it will be accompanied by other monsters. This time it will be a pair of Arctodus. You’ll need to use red magic on these two. They can pack a wallop, but if you lure one away from the other, they won’t pose too much of a threat. Use a combination of Fusillade and Blast Slice Level 2 or 3 to take them down ASAP. You can engulf them both in a Crucible if you want to maximize your damage. Save your Surge Magic for the real challenge ahead.

The Altered Nunda will be affected by red magic, but it’s resistant to purple magic and entirely resistant to blue magic. Its greatest weakness is green magic. Watch out for Altered Nunda’s leaping attacks because they can melt through your health with little effort. The worst thing you can do in this fight is get greedy with your hits. Make sure you’re very liberal with your dodging and understand how to time a perfect parry. Wait for it to lunge, then use a spell like Projection or Storm Dart. Cast Displacement to create a decoy of Frey and give yourself some breathing room if you need to. When your Surge Magic charges completely, switch to red magic and cast Conflagration.