Forspoken Water Garden Mutants | How to Defeat

Mutants are some of the most dangerous enemies in Forspoken. These optional and challenging boss battles will test your combat prowess. However, the main benefit to this side activity is obtaining the rare crafting materials that these mutants drop. There are two mutants in the Water Garden area of Forspoken. If you need help defeating them, read on for some tips.

How to Defeat Water Garden Mutants in Forspoken

How to Defeat Water Garden Mutants in Forspoken

Altered Mylodon is the first mutant of this area. If you’ve tackled the mutants in the Barren Plains or Blessed Plains, you’ll be fully prepared for this fight. Altered Mylodon is functionally the same here as the other times you’ve faced it. If this is your first time, or you need a refresher, the most important thing for this fight is to keep your distance. Altered Mylodon has an extremely powerful side attack that will knock off a ton of your health if you aren’t quick to dodge or parry.

You’ll want to use a combination of Fusillade and Blast Slice Level 2 or 3 for the majority of this fight. You can also throw up a Crucible around the Altered Mylodon to increase your damage. Its major attack is to summon jagged rocks around itself and it can hit hard. If you have the blue magic support spell Alb, cast it before returning to attacking with red magic.

Altered Quinkana mutant in Forspoken

Altered Quinkana is the other mutant of the Water Garden area. The Altered Quinkana has very fast attacks and you’ll need to stay on your guard. You’re likely to take a few hits here and there, so cast Beacon to increase your stamina recovery rate. Like the Mylodon, it’s susceptible to red magic. Throw up a Crucible and summon a Legion, then cast Fusillade.

The quickest way to take the Altered Quinkana down is by being on the offensive. Rage Slice and Arc Slice will be your best attacks. An upgraded Arc Slice at Level 2 or 3 is very beneficial in particular, as the wide area of attack will almost always hit. Conflagration, the red Surge Magic spell, should be cast whenever you have an opening.