Forspoken | Will It Be On Game Pass?

Though it’s seen a string of delays, Luminous Productions highly anticipated action RPG Forspoken hits screens on January 24, 2023. The title has been in development for nearly two years as it strives to polish the magical and fantastical realm of Athia into which players will journey. But, due to the game’s long period of development, players are beginning to wonder if Forspoken will be available on Game Pass when it launches. Unfortunately, we have some bad news on that front.

Will Forspoken Be On Game Pass?

Will Forspoken Be On Game Pass?

Forspoken will release exclusively for PC and PS5 consoles. At the time of writing, there has been no confirmation from developer Luminous Productions or Publisher Square Enix stating if or when the game will arrive on Xbox Series X|S consoles. As a result, we can confirm that Forspoken will not be available on Xbox Game Pass when it releases. The game will be available for purchase on Microsoft’s Store for PC, however, at full price.

Though Forspoken is arriving on PC, it is also labeled as a PlayStation console exclusive. This will be true for the first two years following its release. As a result, we can confirm that the game will not be available on Game Pass during that time period. Nonetheless, after Forspoken’s two-year exclusivity period expires, there is a good chance the game will have an Xbox version ready. If that’s the case, there’s a significant likelihood the game will also be available on Game Pass at that time.

So, if you were hoping to play Forspoken for a lower price via Game Pass, the bad news is that you’ll most likely have to wait for the opportunity, which may still be a couple of years away. The only way to play the game when it releases is to pay full price for its PC or PS5 version. This may be disappointing, however, Forspoken is a AAA title. From what we know about past AAA-developed games, is that they rarely release alongside a gaming subscription at launch. Though it’s not impossible that it will arrive at a later date, we can’t say when or if it will.

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