Forspoken Zip Spellcraft Challenge | How to Complete

Frey has a lot of different magical parkour skills in Forspoken. She’ll have a few at the start of the game but will steadily gain more throughout her journey. One of these skills is Zip, a grapple hook ability that Frey can use for both parkour and combat. The problem is that Zip can quickly drain through stamina. However, you can complete its Spellcraft challenge to remove its stamina cost. Read on below to find out how to do so.

How to Complete the Zip Spellcraft Challenge in Forspoken

How to Complete the Zip Spellcraft Challenge in Forspoken

To remove Zip’s stamina cost, you’ll have to complete its designated Spellcraft challenge. You can only take on a Spellcraft challenge by interacting with a spell book that’s located in every refuge as well as Cipal. Frey can have three Spellcraft challenges going at once. Completing these usually offer permanent stat boosts to the spell’s associated magic color or speeds up stamina recovery.

Zip’s Spellcraft challenge states that Frey needs to perform 15 “special actions” with Zip. That’s extremely vague! You’ll find that latching onto trees while parkouring or zipping to enemies in battle won’t count toward the Spellcraft challenge. That’s because the special actions that the challenge refers to is using zip on designated areas in the environment.

You can find spots for this challenge in various places on the map. However, there’s a spot right near Cipal that’s perfect. Check the above image to find the precise location of a grapple point within the game’s starting area. You don’t have to do the challenge here but it’s a spot that’s relatively free of enemies and is quick to get to after fast traveling to Cipal. Just aim Zip at the jagged glowing rock and Frey will grapple to it and swing herself up in the air.

What makes this Spellcraft challenge so easy to do is that you can just spam Zip on the grapple point over and over. You don’t need to be building momentum or chaining any parkour stunts. In fact, you can usually zip two or three times in a row before Frey will need to stop and recharge her stamina.

With Zip’s stamina cost removed, you’re free to use it whenever you like. A speedy way to traverse areas like forests is to chain Zip and Shimmy together. Zip can also help to spice up your moves in battle to obtain a higher Combat Rank. And while Forspoken is generous about fall damage, you can actually use Zip at the very last moment of a fall to safely grapple to the ground without breaking your shield.