Fortnite Aerial 360 Spin | How to Spin While Dismounting a Wolf

Another week of challenges equals another graceful guide from us for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3. One of the newer tasks is asking us to perform an aerial 360 spin while dismounting a wolf. It’s incredibly straightforward, but you’ll need to find the perfect place to complete this challenge. You can locate it smoothly, and hopefully without any trouble. Take a peek into our guide on how to dismount off of a wolf while performing an aerial 360 spin.

How to Spin While Dismounting a Wolf in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 How to Spin While Dismounting a Wolf

To dismount and spin, jump from the wolf then quickly turn your character around in a full 360 degree rotation. Given that the boost from the animal sends you up into the air, this should be pretty feasible. It’s all a matter of jumping off the animal, doing a complete spin, then casually landing on the ground. From there, the challenge will conclude.

The main issue with this challenge is the competitive folks among the Island. Of course, trouble should always be a factor in mind, but you might get shot off while accomplishing this task. Our best recommendation is to go to Shifty Shafts, where a local gate is housing some boars. We can use either a wolf or a boar since the game registers either way. Shifty Shafts will have some chaos, but for players itching for a weapon, from what we’ve seen. As long as you mount an animal and perform the aforementioned steps, you’ll be golden.

Don’t be discouraged if some other Fortnite player is interrupting your mission. The Island is a welcoming battlefield to the animals, so you might easily come across one during your journeys. Shifty Shafts is the known location for farmed animals to utilize, but you can always find more along the roads. Evidently, there are other locations that provide animal compatibility, but Shifty is the best one to go to. It’s an easy task to prevail, so long as you don’t have trouble behind your back.

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