Fortnite Await Further Orders | What Does It Mean?

The Seven are in deep trouble for Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, and it’s up to us to save them. Jonesy, a long-time Fortnite character, has taken charge of the situation along with AMIE. With his guidance, we’ll make various stops across the Island by completing his Paradise quests. Yet, we can’t seem to complete a few of them within a single match. Why is that? And what exactly does “await further orders” refer to? We have you covered with the notes below!

What Does Await Further Orders Mean in Fortnite?

Fortnite What Does Await Further Orders Mean

Whenever you complete one of the Paradise quests, you’ll receive the “await further orders” message under the list. This means you should start a new match in order to proceed with Jonesy’s mission. Once you’re finished with a Paradise quest, you won’t be able to embark on more until your current game comes to a close. Whenever you’re ready for the next match, Jonesy will brief you on the next task. You then check your quest list to see what must be done for this round.

We’re not entirely sure why this has been implemented for the game. These are much like the Vibin’ quests from Chapter 3 Season 3, but now we have a restriction. Instead of quickly knocking out the quests, we’ll have to start a new match if we wish to continue with Paradise. It might seem rather tedious, yet we suppose it’s an incentive to keep playing for the extra XP. Plus, it balances out the storytelling so that we’re not neglecting or rushing into it.

The Paradise quests consist of several components that ultimately play into the narrative with Jonesy and AMIE. We’ll be establishing uplinks, studying Reality Tree roots, trying out EvoChrome weapons, and much more. The fastest way to complete this particular set of quests is to start a match, complete the current Paradise mission, then run into trouble that’ll lead to your character’s departure. Once you’re ready for the next game, boot it up to acquire your next job with Jonesy and AMIE, bringing you one step closer to rescuing The Seven.

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